B. Meyers

Our simple beach ceremony was legendary. The florals were dreamy, right down to the smallest detail. And I can’t say enough about the filigree rose petal carpet. How it didn’t dance away in the breeze is still a mystery to me! The tiki torch combination of fire and flowers was out of this world. Thank you to the girls (and Carsen) for making our special day even better than we thought it could be. <3

M. Weber

Oh my Gosh Gorgeous! Am I a Las Vegas showgirl or at a special Disney party or what! Came in a beatiful [sic] laminated gingham lunchbox/purse, nested in 2 pink feather boas with a business card, and a special surprise matching heart necklace (like the center heart) in a beautiful metallic watercolor box. The whole box was wrapped in beautiful hot pink gift wrap! AHHHH!

Miniature Mermaid – Love Like Lola

Miniature Mermaid – Love Like Lola

If there is one thing we are to learn, it is to Love Like Lola. This tiny sweet Mermaid loves to love. She is one of the greatest teachers of love of all time.

On the sunny south shore of Lake Erie is where this Mermaid calls home. I so blessed to share that home with her! Of course, I live on land, obviously, while she – sigh – lives at the beach!

If you’re not melting, you’re not human! And just so you don’t worry, when Lola first transformed from Mermaid to Puppy to walk on land, she missed the wonders of the water, and it just wasn’t meant to be, so she lost the use of her two back legs. Since then, she’s so happy to always be a Mermaid.

Love Like Lola. It’s that simple.

J. Foster

I purchased custom ordered jewelry from this shop for various people in our wedding party. Lisa was AMAZING to work with and provided pictures all along the way to make sure everything was exactly as I wanted. The order arrived promptly and everything was in perfect condition, and even more beautiful than in the pictures she sent me! This is the best experience I’ve ever had and I absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for beautiful custom pieces.



Free Spirit

An adventurer and collector of people. During her world travels, she has worked at many places under many different circumstances. All of this experience has introduced her to the most interesting friends, opened her eyes to the importance of the interconnectedness of the entire planet, and continues to influence her mystical designs.



The Fairest Fairy Of Them All

A clever and crafty pixie is Stephanie, and belly-dancer extraordinaire! With a professional background in small business administration, a personal love of crafting beautiful jewellery and a deep understanding of the nature of things, her manifestations are magical.